Programmed: Rules, Codes, + Choreographies in Art, 1965 – 2018

The Ambiguous Icon #5


A small panel  that stood in a narrow hall of the end of the exhibition caught my eyes as i stood in front of it for about 1-2 minutes just thinking about the LED lights used to make this image. I read the brief description of this artwork which explained the unity of the red LED lights and the overall “matrix” of pixels that lead our eyes to the moving of the falling person. The image i captured above shows a blur inside the red led lights that were not picked up by my camera in a way that i witnessed when i stood in front of it. In the second picture (above as well) I captured the still person on the ground on all fours.

I noticed that the closer i looked into this panel (in person) the more it looked like dots in a screen aka the pixels. The lights resembled the look of pixels from a farther point go view. With the addition of Reconstruction7, The resin works in order to clear the pixelated blurs in creating a clearer image of the ongoing falling of the person. This was really intriguing to me to have witnessed this view without having to sit in front of my computer.  This artwork depicts the pixels we see everyday come to life physically, which i loved so much and its the reason i stood in front of it for at least two minutes.

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